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It’s time for BlogHer’s Voices of the Year.

Click here to vote for my post: Won’t You Ring a Bell with Me?

Readers may remember it’s a post about Santa and Sandy Hook… and how I struggled with explaining the truth about both of them to my 8-year-old daughter. On the same day.

Some readers know that I’m a public health activist and for the last year, I’ve focused my energy on gun violence prevention.

Your help–your votes–would be an amazing way to spread the message and get more people involved.

Click here to vote for my post: Won’t You Ring a Bell with Me?

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Read Here!  Won’t You Ring a Bell with Me?

Vote Here! http://www.blogher.com/wont-you-ring-bell-me

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14 thoughts on “Ring My Bell!!!

  1. I want to vote for you, but I’m with El Guapo about their complicated login process. I’m at The Grind now and don’t have time to do it here without facing the firing squad (wow, what a poor choice of words there), but I’ll get to it over the weekend. Poignant post. Good luck!

        1. Ohhhhh. That is nice of you!! Madame Weebles and Emily at The Waiting entered too, so now that you made it past the troll guarding the bridge you can give them some love too 😉

  2. Hi, Kylie. You have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. Your blog is great. Congratulations, For instructions go to


    Again congrats. And thank you for that link re the incomplete skeleton. That’s kind of you. This is why I love your blog. Have a great weekend. Lucy

  3. Hi Kylie, I’m trying to vote for your post, but the page is having trouble loading–I’ll try again later. I also wanted to share this blog with you as I saw you’d made a comment on another blog about compiling and publishing a portrait/list of narcissistic personality traits. http://madelinescribes.wordpress.com/

    Madeline Laughs is an awesome writer, and she’s had a lot of experience with (and done a lot of research about) NPD and ASPD. I highly recommend reading her series entitled Insanity. It’s a fictional account based on real experiences with negative personality types.

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