Character Assassination Carousel: Good Dog Carl is a Bad, Bad Dog

Take a Wild Ride on the Character Assassination with Bad Dog Carl, and his new frenemy, Harold with his F’ing Purple Crayon. Click the post and scroll down to get the link to the latest hit in the Character Assassination Carousel: Miss Spartacus and that little graffiti fiend, Harold.

The Life of Kylie

I’m so excited!

I’m riding the Character Assassination Carousel with Ninja Mom Nicole Leigh Shaw!

What is the Character Assassination Carousel? Why, it’s a lovely blogging tradition in which NinjaMom invites intrepid bloggers to skewer their children’s beloved detested picture book.

Last time, it was Meredith at Pile of Babies who took on the big scary Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? And NOW it’s your very own moi–Kylie–with Good Bad Dog Carl.

Good Dog Carl is the chilling cautionary tale about a neglectfulmother who abandons her baby–wearing nothing but a diaper and the top-half of a blue-striped, ruffle-necked clown suit–to the whims of a viciousRottweiler.

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