Ask The Question You Don’t Want To Ask

This spoke to me. I have so many questions just waiting to be asked, and so many answers waiting to be given.

Lark & Bloom

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We all have questions that we should have asked years ago. Questions to colleagues, friends, family, strangers sitting next to us on subways and even ourselves. Our fear of what the answer may be kept us from engaging. Not only the answer, but what it may require of us.

I should have asked the question years ago. I wondered, implied and then ignored. And yet the question loomed for years unasked – floating like this cloud of possibility.

It was these very possibilities I was afraid of. What if the question leads to a revelation and the revelation leads to something I’m not prepared to handle.

My friend had a rough childhood – parts of it were common knowledge. The divorce, the financial challenges, the things that couldn’t be hidden or concealed. And yet, I always thought that maybe there was more. Suggestions of darker things popped up…

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6 thoughts on “Ask The Question You Don’t Want To Ask

    1. Thank you! I think… Is this for me or for Lark & Bloom? This post is a reblog of her post. It touched me so much I wanted to share it with more people.

      1. Oopsy…this is definitely for you 🙂 I was so busy alerting the blogs I nominated that it is possible I opened a reblog rather than an original. I should stick to my plan of always posting stuff like this on an About page.

  1. Kylie your blog is so progressive in it’s subject matter and truly touching in the way you write or choose your posts. I worked most my life in law enforcement in one way or another. Writing came much later on. One of those jobs, The Crimes Against Children Section of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It left nightmares that haunt me still. It’s truly unbelievable the things that take place in more than half the homes across this great nation under all our noses. Most of the abuse suffered by the innocent is doled out by familiar faces they trusted; not strangers. One of the most common signs to look out for, is what’s described in your reblogged post brilliantly. What appears to be a picture-perfect scenario has normalcy stitched over a broken home…a wounded soul. Though you can’t put your finger on it, something feels off or insincere. These victims of abuse have learned how to endure & survive these unspeakable acts while keeping up the guise that everything’s fine. It’s those like the author of this post, that help to unearth these dark, hidden secrets that will alter the course of a humans life. I can’t tell you how many times I heard the agents speak to the children and ask them. “Wasn’t there anyone you could go too. Someone you could confide in and tell them what was going on?” Isolation from the outside world is the first thing the predator will do to make the child/woman/victim feel like they have no one to rely on BUT the abuser. And this is the case for battered women as well. The women feel as though they have no where to go. No one to trust. It takes a loving soul to look beyond their own life & help another who truly needs someone to listen without judgment or demands. We can see why you would select this post to share with others. Perhaps inspire more people to do the same. Hats off Kylie, for the brave step in talking about a subject that most don’t want to hear. It’s awkward and unpleasant. But whether we want to admit it or not, it’s a real problem & it needs to be discussed & we need to start doing all we can to help!! Sharing this now.

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