Character Assassination Carousel: The Whacked Out Story of Babar

In which Babar gets what he so clearly deserves: a ride on the Character Assassination Carousel with Alice.


A while back, I read Kylie’s parody of Good Dog, Carl, the story of an irresponsible woman who leaves her infant with a dog babysitter.  She made this parody for something called The Character Assassination Carousel, created by Nicole of Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Artist.  Like me, Nicole liked reading to her kids but often found some of the stories, shall we say, disturbing.  So she made fun of them, and her kid laughed, and she was encouraged.  It’s like she’s my long lost twin or something.  Anyway, when I saw we got to skewer these classic literary characters, I was all up in that!  I’m proud to contribute my bit today.

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Last week featured Amy of My Real Life with a post assassinating the book Bert and the Missing Mop Mix-Up.  Yes, this is a story with stick-up-the-bum Bert from Sesame Street, costarring a mop.  Like…

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3 thoughts on “Character Assassination Carousel: The Whacked Out Story of Babar

  1. Kylie you got me & Inion laughing our asses off!! Gonna take a walk on over to Alice’s blog & check her post out as well. So tell me, can we make this thing go big? Inion & I was thinking of throwing some characters over here onto your blog as potential riders of the carousel? Why not hold contests where your commenters can nominate characters! Get this thing really epic. We’ll be awaiting your answer with the contestants kicking & screaming & begging for a reprieve. lol

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