So This Just Happened: Messy, Beautiful Warriors

Mother's Dream Quilt

So This Just Happened

Mother’s Dream Quilt+Momastery=CarryOnWarrior!


I don’t use ALL-CAPS for just anything, so you can trust that I’m excited. And overwhelmed. Pretty much my normal state but enhanced.

What’s this all about?

That lovely brutiful, messy warrior-mama is Glennon Melton, of Momastery. She is standing next to my friend and colleague C, who lives in the state where I grew up.

The state I lived in during the Before Time–before my dad died. When I was happy, and life was magical, and possibilities were endless.

It’s a Mother’s Dream Quilt, and I made it for C to take to Glennon at Glennon’s book-signing. It made it on time–despite my fumbling on a Saturday morning at the post office, which somehow always mystifies me. Which envelope? Which label? Where do I put them? These things confuse me.

It made it on time, despite my desperate attempts to hide the tiny–but crucial–missing 1/4 inch seam allowance on the outside that resulted from my miscalculations when I resized the pattern to accommodate the (faded) Moms Demand Action logo from my t-shirt.

Carry On Warrior: thoughts on life unarmed
Carry On Warrior: thoughts on life unarmed

It made it on time despite the pain in my neck and shoulder and tingling that goes all the way down to my left thumb and wrist whenever I type or sew or try to do anything, like, you know, sleep.

It made it. I made it. I made it despite all the self-doubts and pain and self-criticism as I made mistakes and covered them, thinking all the while, if anybody will understand that, it’s Glennon. Glennon gets that life is brutiful–beautiful and brutal. (She likes to play Fictionary!)

She is part of the reason that I started blogging, to make sense out of my life, to feel connected and not so lonely.

And now Glennon has this quilt that I made of fabric from my daughter’s nursery–my daughter who misses the grandfather she will never know–carried to her by new friend that I feel so lucky to have met because the events at Sandy Hook brought so many Warrior Mamas out of the woodwork to come together and say “enough!” and make our country safer. And now we support and nourish each other as we make our communities safer for our children and grandchildren.

And I am in tears from the beauty and sadness and vulnerability and strength of it all.

Maybe she’ll join us? Maybe you will too?


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20 thoughts on “So This Just Happened: Messy, Beautiful Warriors

    1. Thank you! I recently bought a lot of fabric. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, thinking I would start making baby quilts to sell on Etsy. Making this one reminded me of why I have a love-hate relationship with the hobby! But it was a joy to complete it and to share it!!

    1. Isn’t that amazing!!!!!??? The world can feel so big and we can feel so small and then we connect in ways like this and it feels so much cosier.

    1. I love her too! She’s so inspiring and yet so real. I figure she is probably chagrined at her fame, but uses it to connect people and nourish people. It’s pretty awesome.

  1. Yeah….we’d have to agree with Carrie, only not in such an admirable way nor congratulating! Instead, we will tell you how utterly jealous we are of your talent & how we can’t stand it that you can do something that we both have dreamed of doing but have yet to achieve that dream!! lmao~ The quilt is stunning Kylie. And stop pointing out mistakes that clearly, cannot be seen thanks to the beauty & skilled craftsmanship put into this work of art!!! You are one talented young lady & that my dear….is the truth!!! Sharing now & for sure putting this pic up on our Pinterest!

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