So This Just Happened: Messy, Beautiful Warriors

I had some technical difficulties posting this last week. WordPress, when are you going to fix that Save Draft-Publish bug?

The Life of Kylie

So This Just Happened

Mother’s Dream Quilt+Momastery=CarryOnWarrior!


I don’t use ALL-CAPS for just anything, so you can trust that I’m excited. And overwhelmed. Pretty much my normal state but enhanced.

What’s this all about?

That lovely brutiful, messy warrior-mama is Glennon Melton, of Momastery. She is standing next to my friend and colleague C, who lives in the state where I grew up.

The state I lived in during the Before Time–before my dad died. When I was happy, and life was magical, and possibilities were endless.

It’s a Mother’s Dream Quilt, and I made it for C to take to Glennon at Glennon’s book-signing. It made it on time–despite my fumbling on a Saturday morning at the post office, which somehow always mystifies me. Which envelope? Which label? Where do I put them? These things confuse me.

It made it on time, despite my desperate attempts to hide the…

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