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Fametimidation:(Noun) the state of anxiety, timidity, and awkward muteness experienced upon meeting a celebrity author, actor, musician or other professional idol in real life; adjective and verb forms: fametimidated, fametimidating

Example: “I sat with one of my favorite writers at lunch at BlogHer and could barely speak because I felt so fametimidated.”


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9 thoughts on “Fametimidation

  1. I just read your story above. I don’t know Elise or Guy, but I can see he was connected to the one and only Arianna? See, I’m not surprised this happened to you, because good things happen to good people.

  2. When I got my copy of Thrive signed, Arianna Huffington was handing out her business cards to everyone. When I go home, I’m going to tell everyone that she personally connected with me and that she got fametimidated in my glorious presence.

        1. That’s Elise Bauer of Simply Recipes Guy Kawasaki (who I’d never heard of until BlogHer) –he was the Apple Ambassador, and now is Ambassador for Canvo. He interviewed the one and only Arianna Huffington. This picture was taken while waiting in line for her book signing (she had to leave before we got up there). At breakfast–during said interview–the gentleman on the right came in looking for a seat and I waved him over to an empty one next to me. We chatted a little and after the talks, he invited me along with him to meet Guy! I declined, and didn’t want to be an interloper, but he reminded me that I had done a kind thing for him by inviting him to sit down. So I said yes.

          Elise came by when we were in line and gave him a big hug, too, and I got to chat with her (she had also been up there speaking and making everybody cry). I took some photos when they were all chatting–I wasn’t actually fametimidated by this particular interaction (I *did* experience that awkward shyness with plenty of other bloggers that I follow, though!).

          The whole weekend was an exercise in saying “yes”, in reaching out to people, and in learning that every single frickin’ person, from the most successful speakers to whomever I happened to be sitting next to, was a real human being with struggles and self-doubt who just put themselves out there in order to grow and survive, and ended up thriving. It was both humbling and inspiring. Wish you were there. But then you wouldn’t be anonymous anymore.

          Wait. Maybe you were there. Hmmm.

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