Inspired at BlogHer14

BlogHer14 Was A Blast!!

I went to BlogHer14 not really knowing anybody and a little nervous about whether I’d fit in. The whole experience was an exercise in trusting my gut, reaching out, making friends, and building connections. I left rejuvenated and doubly committed to making blogging an essential part of my life.

I have SO MUCH to say about it. Some profound, some not so profound. I met some blogging friends, and deepened our friendships: Emily from The Waiting, Dawn from Tales from the Motherland, Amy from The Bumblefiles!!

Squee! Selfie! We-sie! Foursie!

And then there was Katia from I Am The Milk! And Natalie from The Cat Lady Sings. And so many more, including The Militant Baker and Seven Little Mexicans, both of whom are friends in real life with friends of mine in real life (and those friends are also friends in real life). Squee!! Hug!! Another Selfie!!

BlogHer14 Selfie
The Militant Baker

THE Michelle W., WordPress editor extraordinaire, invited the Voices of the Year to chat, and was SO nice, and SO inclusive, and SUCH a good listener. It was an absolute huge highlight for me to be part of it and to also meet the amazing Butterfly Confessions, who later read a must-read post, America’s Not Here For Us, as part of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year Celebration.

I got out of my shy shell, quieted the Voice that says, “You’re nobody,” and it was worth it. I talked to panelists after their presentations. I talked with whomever I was standing next to in line or sitting with at tables.I tried so hard not to be fametimidated. I collected cards and exchanged contact info on BlogHer’s nifty app. I said, “Yes.” And every time, there was a connection, a spark, a little emotional bridge that we built by being ourselves. Hey Voice: You’re somebody.

And every time, there was a connection, a spark, a little emotional bridge that we built by being ourselves.

I tweeted more than I’ve ever tweeted before, determined to participate and engage. And HOLY SHIT THE BLOGGESS FOLLOWED ME!

@TheBloggess followed Kylie on Twitter
Knock, Knock!

I took selfies, Tweeted, Facebooked, hashtagged, and wore the hell out of my thumbs and wrists. Luckily, AmLactin (yes–my actual favorite lotion) was there with hand/arm massages and travel-sized lotions. AND I won some essential oils from Flawed, But Authentic as part of BlogHer’s Selfiebration!

Breathe deeply:

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14 thoughts on “Inspired at BlogHer14

  1. Wait, you met The Militant Baker? I’m jealous. 😉
    Such a good recap! I’m so glad I met you, got to know you better, and hung out during the closing keynote.

    1. Me too! I’m really glad you sat down and that we got to chatting. I’m excited that we are FIRLs now (Friends in Real Life). Wait! Is that a new acronym? I’ll have to google it… heeheehee

    2. hahahahahahah… from the Urban Dictionary: firl

      the process of smoking certain drugs on aluminum foil, or the feeling thereafter, as in I’m firled. From southern Mississippi – form the ordinary pronunciation of the word foil as “furl.”

    1. THANK YOU! I was so amped up after the conference, I decided to buy a premium theme and play around with it. Tons of photos from my garden 🙂

  2. Yay!! I’m finally back and can catch up a bit! Oh, congrats on a successful conference. It was a blast to meet you. You are even sweeter than I ever could have imagined. Congrats on the VOTY award. That’s great. Well deserved, Kylie.

    1. Awwww, thanks Amy! I really wish we’d had more time!! I loved meeting you, and it’s so funny that Emily, Dawn, you, and I were all connected somehow or other. I’m so glad we all got to meet in person and make our online friendships a little bit more real.

  3. I’m honoured to be allocated a space. It’s funny, when I met you I felt like I already knew you. I’m going to go on a blog stalk tomorrow (if my kids allow for that to happen, my reentry so far has been hardcore). I can’t wait to read more from you.

  4. Loved your recap, Kylie! I kind of wish that maybe I had chosen some of these sessions that you went to! I feel like going to such a big conference and networking with people does have the unintended side effect of boosting your self-esteem… because it forces you to realize that hey, people aren’t judging me and they might actually think I have something interesting to say! That’s something we all need to realize more and more.

    1. It’s such a huge life lesson… That we all feel these insecurities but if we make an effort to reach out and be welcoming to somebody, that then we will feel welcome too.

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