Guest Post Series: The 12 Days of Christmas

My mom, Nancy, is posting a different Christmas memory for 12 days. She gave me her blessing to repost them here. It’s amazing how a life story can be told through the lens of a certain day.

We have all heard of the 12 Days of Christmas. I am going to write about the 12 Christmas Day Memories.

First Christmas Day Memory: Christmas at my house as a child was full of creating love, magic and family memories. Somehow the living room became filled with things like skis, sleds, a bike, or in my case, a beautiful little hand made doll bed painted pink. After a long day at work, after we kids were asleep, my father must have gone down to the basement to spend hours designing and building this sweet little doll bed. My mother spent hours creating little blankets and a mattress.

Each Christmas one of my grandmothers made a dress for me to wear on Christmas morning (and all the Sundays after until next Christmas) and the other would make a coat or knit a sweater. I remember one dress in particular made of red dotted Swiss. I thought it so beautiful and wore it proudly with a little imitation pearl necklace and my little white gloves. As I look back at pictures of me wearing this dress at age 6-7, I notice that one side of the collar is a little larger than the other, something I never noticed as a child.

What joy to create something with love for your child or grandchild and oh how loved that child feels.

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