Guest Post Series: The 12 Days of Christmas

Eleventh Christmas Day Memory–All Together

All Together
All Together

With all the comings and goings of my grown children there was a long 10 year span when I did not have all of them home for Christmas at the same time. At least one or the other always seemed to be off somewhere be it Japan, Korea, Germany, Colorado, Virginia, etc. I always asked them to send me a Christmas ornament from where ever they were living. I even have one of space aliens from Roswell, NM.

One year Jaime came home from Japan and settled in Portland, next Karey came home from Virginia, and finally one Christmas Eve Philip came home. My condo was bursting at the seams that year.

You have probably all seen one of those ads on tv when the soldier arrives home on Christmas Eve – I think there is coffee brewing as he creeps in the house. Hard not to shed at least one tear seeing the soldier come in to surprise his mom. It is one of those ever so sweet moments.

They gathered around the table that year, looking just like the people of Who Ville. There was roast beast for the paleo’s, non- gluten stuff for the celiacs, tofu for the vegans, non-dairy for the lacto intolerants, and some cheese sprinkled here and there for the vegetarians who did do dairy. Just another modern day celebration dinner… Anymore, I just have to tell everyone to please bring something that their own dietary needs will allow them to eat.

Seeing my grandkids snuggling with Auntie Jaime or Uncle Phil or Uncle Ryan is right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It would labeled “Home for Christmas at Last”.

I think about how it must have been for my mother as we all began moving back home with our families after being gone for years. Rusty and Chris’s family were nearby, but Tim’s family was traveling with Bechtel, I was traveling courtesy of USMC, Dick and Bob were also out of state.

I and my kiddos moved back from VA, then Bob and Cate moved back from Utah, then Dick and Jean moved back from CA, finally Tim moved to WA – at least it is not too far away.

For a mom, could a Christmas be any more magical then having all of your children home with you to celebrate and just hang out creating new memories. That is really all the magic I need.

Here is a picture of that Christmas Eve supper with all of them home at last. (The grandkids have already had their supper and are playing around the tree in the other room.)

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