The Little Guy: Let’s Wrap This Up

Five years ago today!

The Life of Kylie

Something’s been gnawing at me.

No, it’s not just the Little Guy (though he is a biter, and I’m still trying to wean him). It’s the Little Guy’s Tale.

Sometimes referred to as ‘The Pregnancy Saga,’ the Little Guy’s Tale is the narrative that originally formed the core of this blog.

A multi-part epic of blood lost and love found, it was a story I felt compelled to write in the middle of the night…all the salacious and soul-searching details…until I got to the second trimester and got blocked.

I got blocked because there were things that put others in a negative light, or because I had to face personal weaknesses I was ashamed of.

But I have to finish it.

So… skimming over the second trimester (let’s just say it was hard to be a pregnant mom of a challenging four-year old, living on my own without a…

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