IKEA: Hack my Family!

IKEA Toy Loft bunkbed Mydal hack

If I Had An IKEA Family… Our home would, at all times, be dappled with golden light streaming through windows unblemished with greasy fingerprints. It would be soft and warm, but never glaring, and always photo-ready. There would be no dust fairies dancing in that light. Instead, my children would dance like fairies, delighted with their […]

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Awkward Holiday Moments


Awkward Holiday Moments: We’ve all had them. Maybe it was the strange and experimental hand-knitted thing you had to thank your distant relation for. Maybe it was the bikini calendar your older female relative gave your husband on Christmas morning in front of your impressionable young children… Oh! And your husband’s ex-wife, because, naturally, she […]

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Scentism #NaBloPoMo

My undercover investigations have revealed a new form of social disparity. Scentism. Close observers may already realize that men and women receive very different messages about body odor. Men are rugged. Men sweat. Men need STRONG odor-fighting assistance. Women are flowery. Women glisten and dew. Women’s deodorants feature baby powder. The truth is we all […]

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Where’s the Line?

On Saturday, my daughter had the following treats: a ‘juice drink,’ chips, crackers, and candy at a birthday party, bubble tea (liquid candy–and a long-promised reward) with me, and frozen yogurt with my mom. On Sunday morning, she had a donut for breakfast, and macaroni and cheese from a box for lunch. My husband and […]

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