Go Into the Light

I’ve always been a little bit shady. That’s why you’d be likely to find me on the dark side of the street, shrinking away from daylight, my face obscured by a broad-brimmed hat. On the rarest of days, if you managed to see a flash of my exposed skin, bare to the elements, you might wonder, […]

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As I begin the new year lying in bed with a sinus infection after an insomniac night propelled by a late-afternoon four-hour ‘nap’, I must admit there are some promises I need to make to myself if only to avoid the shame of sleeping til noon at my age. Go to bed at a regular […]

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Bring Back the Oranges!

Bring Back the Oranges

Healthy snacks at sports Anybody with older kids have stories to share about bringing healthier snacks to kids sports practices & games? I want to create a campaign and part of it will be to highlight real-life stories. Also, I’d love photos of teams with “orange peel smiles.” Check out my campaign site: http://bringbacktheoranges.com/ It’s still […]

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That’s Not Hummus


I pride myself on healthy eating. It’s my thing. But I’ve been slipping lately. I work from home. It’s intense and hurried. I cram my work into the times my children are at camp and daycare, and I cram my food in, too. I love my job. I do. It’s dreamy. I work on a […]

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“The day of High School I’ll never forget” by Medium

Read this blog post by an Arapahoe High School student about the shooting last Friday. He penned a message on his hand to his family, in case they had to find his body. One thing I learned, is that you never really know anything like this could happen to you, until it does. via The […]

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