Won’t You Ring a Bell with Me?

Update: Vote for this post on BlogHer’s Voices of the Year: http://www.blogher.com/wont-you-ring-bell-me Parenting requires the ability to tell a good ‘little white lie’ now and then. Little white lies that blanket the world like snowflakes, sugar-coating a sometimes scary and confusing landscape. It’s not my strong-suit. I’m compulsively honest, you see. And my daughter, otherwise known […]

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Toying with our Lives: Slaying at Sandy Hook #NaBloPoMo

Slaying at Sandy Hook Online Game

Have you heard about this? It’s an online video game that reenacts the Sandy Hook (Newtown) massacre. The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary Read the report here: Sandy Hook-inspired game sparks outrage – CT Politics. According to the report, The game opens by directing users to grab a Glock handgun and shoot their mother while she […]

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Measuring Up #NaBloPoMo

“I have old man arms.” “What?” “My friend said I have old man arms,” explains my seven-year old daughter.

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The Lies I Tell Myself: Part 1, #NaBloPoMo


Lie, Lay, Lied Grammar! Sex! Sleep Deprivation! And exploring the lies I tell myself. “Lie, Lay, Lied” was the original title and premise of my blog. The inside joke was that I can never remember whether to say “lie” or “lay” even though I’m a self-proclaimed grammar geek.

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Let’s Talk about Vax, Baby #NaBloPoMo

I’m a public health wonk. For over a decade, I’ve fought the good fight against Big Tobacco, Big Junk Food, and more recently, Big Guns. I love being able to work for social justice and health equality, while sticking it to big corporations. So many industries profit by putting our health at risk. This is […]

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