Pretty Awesome

Do I look pretty? “Yes, you look pretty. So, so pretty.” Here I am with another 3-year old going through that “Pink Phase.” This time around, however, I’ve given in to the pink. I’ve surrendered. I’m encouraging it, even. The first time around, I bought my daughter blue, green, and purple clothes–even black. I urged the […]

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Strange Customs

Maple Syrup The Life of Kylie

I’m not trying to be disrespectful. I’m just thrifty. My husband swallowed a laugh as the customs agent replied that I would have to give the banana peel to the Agricultural Inspection Agent. Beginning to comprehend the gravity of our situation, I quickly stuffed the banana into my mouth, passing the rest to my ever-helpful husband. They’d already taken my adorable tin […]

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Which Way to Go?

Living without regrets is a slippery aspiration. My heart leads the way, but the way is puddled and bogged with ‘what ifs’ rained by a mind that rushes back and forth and never follows. The quicksand threatens. Must quiet. Focus. Find now.                  

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Call for Submissions: I Am Subject/ Women Writers


Are You the Subject of Your Own Life? Here’s an interesting writing project that a friend alerted me to: #IAmSubject The Call for Submissions from published author Diane DeBella is seeking essays up to 1250 words for an Anthology. Women often lose their sense of self to external roles, expectations, and objectifications. Many times, we don’t even […]

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Momastery | Messy Beautiful Warrior Project

I haven’t written a lot this year. But Glennon at Momastery is going to make me get back to my blog at some point this week: Momastery | Messy Beautiful Warrior Project Instructions. Join in!

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