Monday’s Haiku: Bodywork #NaBloPoMo

Bodywork Put your hands on me Find the knots, the hidden spots Take the pain: it’s yours.   Daily Post Weekly Challenge: Haiku Catchoo 

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About Last Night #NaBloPoMo

cute baby

Confession: Last night, I did something I abhor. A one night stand. A quickie. It was just so down and dirty, I can’t look myself in the mirror.

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MoFo Blog-cronyms

Originally posted on The Life of Kylie:
Every time I see a blog-cronym, like NaBloMoFo (or whatever), all I can think of is the grown-ups talking on a Charlie Brown Special: Well, to tell the truth (which I must, because I’m compulsively honest), the blog-cronyms also bring to mind a certain expletive that involves mothers…

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Freshly Pressed!

grass covered Volkswagen bug

Have you ever written a post you just knew would get Freshly Pressed? It happened to me once. I just had that feeling. One night, I got out of bed, unable to sleep. I checked my email and the WordPress Weekly Challenge caught my eye: ‘From Mundane to Meaningful.’ I wrote about a slice of my life from […]

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