So This Just Happened: Messy, Beautiful Warriors

Mother's Dream Quilt

Mother’s Dream Quilt+Momastery=CarryOnWarrior! I MADE THAT QUILT! I don’t use ALL-CAPS for just anything, so you can trust that I’m excited. And overwhelmed. Pretty much my normal state but enhanced. What’s this all about? That lovely brutiful, messy warrior-mama is Glennon Melton, of Momastery. She is standing next to my friend and colleague C, who […]

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What is Narcissism?

Know Your Narcissist There’s been a lot of talk about Narcissism around our little corner of WordPress lately. EDIT: And n the world in general, since Trump’s election.  In fact, Narcissism seems to be a buzz-word everywhere these days, especially with this generation that is growing up on social media, taking selfies, the fact that ‘selfie’ was […]

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“The day of High School I’ll never forget” by Medium

Read this blog post by an Arapahoe High School student about the shooting last Friday. He penned a message on his hand to his family, in case they had to find his body. One thing I learned, is that you never really know anything like this could happen to you, until it does. via The […]

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The Lies I Tell Myself: Part 1, #NaBloPoMo


Lie, Lay, Lied Grammar! Sex! Sleep Deprivation! And exploring the lies I tell myself. “Lie, Lay, Lied” was the original title and premise of my blog. The inside joke was that I can never remember whether to say “lie” or “lay” even though I’m a self-proclaimed grammar geek.

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Let’s Talk about Vax, Baby #NaBloPoMo

I’m a public health wonk. For over a decade, I’ve fought the good fight against Big Tobacco, Big Junk Food, and more recently, Big Guns. I love being able to work for social justice and health equality, while sticking it to big corporations. So many industries profit by putting our health at risk. This is […]

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