Bring Back the Oranges!

Bring Back the Oranges

Healthy snacks at sports Anybody with older kids have stories to share about bringing healthier snacks to kids sports practices & games? I want to create a campaign and part of it will be to highlight real-life stories. Also, I’d love photos of teams with “orange peel smiles.” Check out my campaign site: It’s still […]

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That Weird, Creepy Feeling #NotOneMore

I stood up to a guy in college who was always playing with a switch blade and writing stories about killing people. I reported him to our RA. The college suspended him for the rest of the school year so he could get mental health help. Meanwhile, his friends shunned me and one even body-checked […]

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So This Just Happened: Messy, Beautiful Warriors

Mother's Dream Quilt

Mother’s Dream Quilt+Momastery=CarryOnWarrior! I MADE THAT QUILT! I don’t use ALL-CAPS for just anything, so you can trust that I’m excited. And overwhelmed. Pretty much my normal state but enhanced. What’s this all about? That lovely brutiful, messy warrior-mama is Glennon Melton, of Momastery. She is standing next to my friend and colleague C, who […]

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“The day of High School I’ll never forget” by Medium

Read this blog post by an Arapahoe High School student about the shooting last Friday. He penned a message on his hand to his family, in case they had to find his body. One thing I learned, is that you never really know anything like this could happen to you, until it does. via The […]

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Won’t You Ring a Bell with Me?

Update: Vote for this post on BlogHer’s Voices of the Year: Parenting requires the ability to tell a good ‘little white lie’ now and then. Little white lies that blanket the world like snowflakes, sugar-coating a sometimes scary and confusing landscape. It’s not my strong-suit. I’m compulsively honest, you see. And my daughter, otherwise known […]

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