In which my son learns the term “mullet”

Golden Curls, Long Lashes, Big Eyes, Rosy Cheeks My son is so pretty. He is often mistaken for a girl, despite wearing the same Nike “soccer” clothes nearly every day for a month. (He is obsessed with the Nike swoosh, which he’s grown up seeing on his brothers’ soccer uniforms. Brand loyalty starts young, people.) […]

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The Little Guy: Let’s Wrap This Up


Something’s been gnawing at me. No, it’s not just the Little Guy (though he is a biter, and I’m still trying to wean him). It’s the Little Guy’s Tale. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Pregnancy Saga,’ the Little Guy’s Tale is the narrative that originally formed the core of this blog. A multi-part epic of […]

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Yolo and the Other One

Understanding what ‘eesh’ means is critical to understanding the following conversation.  In case it wasn’t completely clear, click the link, read what’s there, and then come back 🙂 Uwanna eesh. “You want to eesh?” Yah. Yolo. He points. Yolo. “Yep.” He eeshes. Uwanna othewun. “You want the other one?” Yah. He points. Othewun. We switch […]

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