I Quilt Too

Sunset Sunrise Quilt

And I might as well write about it over at Quilt It, Baby! Click over to read about such delightful things as tipsy stitching on the beaches of Mexico, cracking knees, DIY yoga mat carriers, and hacking IKEA towel racks to store quilt tops. If you’re into that sort of thing.

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About Last Night #NaBloPoMo

cute baby

Confession: Last night, I did something I abhor. A one night stand. A quickie. It was just so down and dirty, I can’t look myself in the mirror.

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Good Blogkeeping

Kid watching oven like it's TV

So. I’m doing NaBloPoMo. That’s right friends, a blog post a day. National Blog Post Month is a blog-post-a-day challenge sponsored by BlogHer and WordPress and supported by YeahWrite and Team NanoPoblano (Rarasaur’s blog), among others. After managing to write a post about three times in as many months, this should be a shock to […]

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An excellent, thoughtful, funny Fictionary entry from Rarasaur. Related articles Drumroll Please (thelifeofkylie.com) A big jar of pee (thelifeofkylie.com) Sharing the Love (thelifeofkylie.com) Laying Low (thelifeofkylie.com) Thugby (thelifeofkylie.com)

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Sharing the Love

March is the month of re-blogs. What? Nobody told you that before? Well, over here at The Life of Kylie, March is all about sharing the love. The celebration kicks off with re-blogs of all the fabulous Fictionary™ entries, and then wraps up with Kylie-Pressed: your posts that shouldabeen Freshly Pressed. This has nothing, absolutely […]

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