On the Radio

The body remembers what the mind forgets. —Field Report I broke into tears when I heard that line sung by Field Report on the radio this morning. Because, this is a day that my body always remembers.

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The Hallway #NaBloPoMo

The Hallway She still slept on her side of the bed. It had been three months since John died, but she couldn’t stretch out into that space that he had left behind. Open. Empty. Well, maybe “slept” isn’t the right word, anyway, as she barely slept. She lay in the bed, waiting for sleep to […]

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Day of the Dead

Arlington Cemetery Headstome

It’s Dia de los Muertos, November 2nd So, it’s fitting, somehow, that just last Monday my family was in Washington, D.C., to hold a memorial for my father at Arlington Cemetery. I’m the oldest of five, so I probably have the strongest memories of the actual funeral, back in 1984. I was also the only […]

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When You Were My Age

A Boy and His Toy Gun

This is what I believed: You were on a secret mission for the government. You’d been selected because of your special military skills. You were undercover, top secret, incognito. Every once in a while, I’d see a man who looked a little bit like you. Was it you, so well-disguised? I knew you were watching […]

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Trifecta Writing Challenge: Stone

I missed the deadline on this, but I’m going to write it anyway: 33 serious words, one of which is the word ‘stone.’ Mom placed the stepping stone between two peonies. It didn’t lead anywhere.   Sometimes, I stood on the hexagon of concrete and pebbles. But my father wasn’t there, just the box of his […]

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