Monday’s Haiku: Bodywork #NaBloPoMo

Bodywork Put your hands on me Find the knots, the hidden spots Take the pain: it’s yours.   Daily Post Weekly Challenge: Haiku Catchoo 

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Scentism #NaBloPoMo

My undercover investigations have revealed a new form of social disparity. Scentism. Close observers may already realize that men and women receive very different messages about body odor. Men are rugged. Men sweat. Men need STRONG odor-fighting assistance. Women are flowery. Women glisten and dew. Women’s deodorants feature baby powder. The truth is we all […]

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Shakespeare, the Spam-Chimp, as Read by Kylie #NaBloPoMo

Learn all about the magic of indigo, resorting to lying, and teddy bears. There is a lot about which I could rant regarding the loading of this video. Suffice it say, I have a lot to learn. Shakespeare, oh Spam Chimp, darling you! Please send advice. Soon. Have you read your spam folder lately? Any […]

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Birthday Fails #NaBloPoMo

Cupcakes: not a fail

I’m 280 dog years old today!! Cupcakes for all! Toulouse and Tonic inspired me to post my top ten birthday fails, but it’s so hard to pick just ten! But first a Public Service Announcement, as requested by Don of all Trades:

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About Last Night #NaBloPoMo

cute baby

Confession: Last night, I did something I abhor. A one night stand. A quickie. It was just so down and dirty, I can’t look myself in the mirror.

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