Bring Back the Oranges!

Bring Back the Oranges

Healthy snacks at sports Anybody with older kids have stories to share about bringing healthier snacks to kids sports practices & games? I want to create a campaign and part of it will be to highlight real-life stories. Also, I’d love photos of teams with “orange peel smiles.” Check out my campaign site: It’s still […]

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Where’s the Line?

On Saturday, my daughter had the following treats: a ‘juice drink,’ chips, crackers, and candy at a birthday party, bubble tea (liquid candy–and a long-promised reward) with me, and frozen yogurt with my mom. On Sunday morning, she had a donut for breakfast, and macaroni and cheese from a box for lunch. My husband and […]

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Let’s Send All the Vegans to Outerspace

What did the caveman say to the astronaut? “You go on ahead. I’m dying here.” Okay, that may have been the worst ever attempt at a joke comparing the Paleo and Vegan diets, but after reading the following news story, I couldn’t resist. Mars Menu: NASA Plans Astro-Food For 2030s Mission To Red Planet. NASA scientists […]

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