To My Dear Old Friends

Open Door

Dear Old Friend, I miss you. I know I haven’t been a very good friend, but I think about you a lot.  And, thanks to Facebook, I see random bits and pieces of your life now, so many years removed from the last time we spent together in person. I see you with your friends […]

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Freshly Pressed!

grass covered Volkswagen bug

Have you ever written a post you just knew would get Freshly Pressed? It happened to me once. I just had that feeling. One night, I got out of bed, unable to sleep. I checked my email and the WordPress Weekly Challenge caught my eye: ‘From Mundane to Meaningful.’ I wrote about a slice of my life from […]

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Do you like me? Do you really, really like me?

This is a test. When I was a fresh new blogger, a blogger who had just fallen off the turnip truck, I took a trip up to cloud 9 whenever somebody “liked” a post. Then I started noticing a few things: 1) Certain people liked every post, but never commented. 2) These same people seemed […]

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Enough Already

39 That’s the age I’ll be in a couple of hours. 39 is old enough to be enough, isn’t it? Enough. I never feel like I am enough. I never feel like I’ve done enough, done enough right. The outline of my life is told in tragedies and failures, deaths and losses, regrets and crises. […]

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What is this half-life? This life of hopes and ambition, limitless potential that has turned to dust. Dust on the mantle. Dirt on the floor. Laundry. Laundry, endless laundry. And dishes. So many dishes. Long sleepless nights. Teething and diapers. Ear infections and colds that won’t end. Mornings of rushing and stalling and shouting and […]

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