KeVita Happy Hour

Vegan Goods

I’m writing this post because I want some free KeVita probiotic drinks. Why? Because I really, really like probiotics. Especially from KeVita. Especially Lemon Ginger. And by blogging about it, I’ll receive a whole entire week’s supply. Woot! How did this happy opportunity come to pass? I owe it all to Vida Vegan Con. A […]

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The Smorgasbord of Vegan Disasters

or, How Not to Feed Your Family and Impress Your Friends In theory, I’m an amazing cook. I used to bake my own bread and make tortillas by hand. (Okay, so that was 20 years ago. In college. But! I produced feasts from scratch). I have a fabulous cookbook collection–some even signed by the authors–and […]

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