Which Way to Go?

Living without regrets is a slippery aspiration. My heart leads the way, but the way is puddled and bogged with ‘what ifs’ rained by a mind that rushes back and forth and never follows. The quicksand threatens. Must quiet. Focus. Find now.                  

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Serena’s Call

She just stood there. Staring at me with her amber eyes. No expression. No words. Not a single twitch of muscle. Those eyes drew me in–so beautiful. Calm. Serene. The harried waiter had brought us our salad, but what we were really anticipating was the pizza. “Wood-Fired Pizza. The Best in Town,” proclaimed the sandwich board […]

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Awkward Holiday Moments


Awkward Holiday Moments: We’ve all had them. Maybe it was the strange and experimental hand-knitted thing you had to thank your distant relation for. Maybe it was the bikini calendar your older female relative gave your husband on Christmas morning in front of your impressionable young children… Oh! And your husband’s ex-wife, because, naturally, she […]

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Birthday Fails #NaBloPoMo

Cupcakes: not a fail

I’m 280 dog years old today!! Cupcakes for all! Toulouse and Tonic inspired me to post my top ten birthday fails, but it’s so hard to pick just ten! But first a Public Service Announcement, as requested by Don of all Trades:

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A long time ago, in a land far, far away, I was married to a shape-shifter. It was not magical. Oh, at first it was feet-sweeping. Fresh out of college, working at a bookstore, getting all that attention from an older guy–a musician! a poet!– who clearly liked me. It was an unprecedented time. I’d […]

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